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Annual Report for FY23

Eagle Eye Annual Report FY23

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Stay up to date with the Eagle Eye blog, covering the most important topics within the customer loyalty and digital promotions landscape.


Retail and technology

3 min read

How to use Customer Data to Boost Sales and Enhance Shopping Experiences

In today's retail landscape, data reigns supreme. It's not just about what you sell but who you sell it to. One of the most critical lessons I've...

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Waitrose pick your own offers

3 min read

The Unfulfilled Promise of Personalised Offers

Personalised offers have the potential to transform the way retailers engage with customers, making it a game-changer for retail marketers. In fact,...

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Pharmacist checking inventory in medical store

4 min read

Retail Pharmacy – Digital Personalisation Beckons…

Grocery retailers have certainly been the pioneers of mass personalisation in the omnichannel retail world. Next, with the greatest potential to...

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AFR - Real-Time promotions a game-changer for retailers

5 min read

Opinion — Real-time Promotions a Game-changer for Retailers

This article originally appeared in The Australian Financial Review on January 19, 2023, Real-time promotions a game-changer for retailers....

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Augmented reality in retail store

4 min read

Is there Power in Personalisation? Part 3

Machine Learning Growing in popularity over the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning platforms are becoming ever-popular...

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Marketing Data management platform and Omnichannel concept image

4 min read

Is there Power in Personalisation? Part 2

Following my last blog, which discussed the importance of personalisation, I explore what tools marketers need for success, along with benchmarks and...

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Omnichannel marketing on mobile app for supermarket shopping

4 min read

Is there Power in Personalisation? Part 1

A few years ago, personalisation emerged as a buzzword for marketers everywhere, and in 2015, 94% agreed it was a crucial factor in the success of...

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