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Annual Report for FY23

Eagle Eye Annual Report FY23

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Drive incremental growth by creating and executing entirely personalized customer experiences at scale.

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Guided by people, optimized by AI

EagleAI is a modular, customer-centric, and AI-based solution built specifically for the grocery and retail sectors. By using customer data to generate – and execute - personalized customer experiences at scale, EagleAI represents the next generation of data science for retail marketing, one that is focused on meeting each customer's wants and needs individually, optimizing promotional spending, and increasing ROI, and enabling true one-to-one engagement that ultimately drives loyalty.



Fully automates the process of connecting and structuring customer data across touchpoints.

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Created not curated

Uses cutting-edge machine learning and AI to programmatically create uniquely personalized offers for customers rather than curating the ‘best fit’ set of offers based on a finite number available.

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Working together, our family of algorithms simultaneously factor product affinity, shopping predictions, promotional responsiveness, budgetary controls, and more to create an optimized personalization program.

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EagleAI puts the retailer in the driving seat, enabling them to direct the algorithms to meet their specific objectives, ensuring the output is aligned with their objectives and financial goals.

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Two powerful solutions

Currently, EagleAI powers two core use cases:

AI-driven, personalized "multi-step continuity offers" designed to reward incremental behavior.

  • 4 Challenge types: Frequency, Brand, Category & Referral
  • 7:1 incremental sales to reward earned
  • Unlock revenue streams from suppliers who can expect 4:1 incremental sales to reward earned
  • Live in 5-weeks
  • End-to-end solution with no POS integration required

Find out more about Personalized Challenges

Personalised challenges - Tropicana example


AI-based individualized offer generation that optimizes to your set objectives

  • Algorithms maximize offer reach and ROI while respecting your promotion budget
  • Offers are created uniquely for individuals using AI rather than giving 'best fit' offers to segments, delivering true individualization
  • Real-time omnichannel execution
  • Personalised customer offer gallery which provides an engaging customer experience, seamlessly integrated into your digital estate

Personalised Promotions example


Recognized by Industry Experts


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Loyalty Technology Solutions Landscape,
Q4 2022


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