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Interim Report for FY24

Eagle Eye Interim Report 2024

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Stay up to date with the Eagle Eye blog, covering the most important topics within the customer loyalty and digital promotions landscape.


Introducing, EagleAI

4 min read

Meet EagleAI: A Suite of AI Solutions Designed for Retail Marketers

Retailers find themselves at a crossroads. AI is the way forward, but deciding how to implement, integrate, and optimize it to achieve critical goals...

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Shopping trolley/cart

4 min read

Transforming the Grocery Loyalty & Shopping Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Imagine a supermarket that can predict what shoppers will buy before they enter the store? That’s the potential power of artificial intelligence (AI)...

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AI and Personalization Series Introduction by Tim Mason

3 min read

AI & Personalization: A Series

If you’re even a casual observer of the retail industry, you know that AI is the hot topic of the moment. And for good reason. Artificial...

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Predictive AI & Retail

5 min read

AI & Personalization: What will AI in Retail Marketing Look Like?

Retailers are rapidly adopting and integrating a multitude of AI-powered tools to enhance many areas of their operations. According to Mordor...

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AI In Action

5 min read

AI in Action: How Retailers are Using AI Basics and Advanced Marketing Principles Now

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly reshaping the retail industry, helping companies develop a unique advantage as the market—and...

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Neon portal reflecting in the liquid surface

5 min read

Navigating New Waters: Applying AI to Retail Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reimagining the entire retail journey, giving brands more capabilities and their customers more experiences....

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