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Interim Report for FY24

Eagle Eye Interim Report 2024

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Introducing AIR

As a world-class digital marketing platform, Eagle Eye AIR empowers leading retailers worldwide to unlock the potential of omnichannel personalization. Through its API-based, composable architecture, AIR delivers unparalleled flexibility and scale and provides future-proofed loyalty, promotions, subscriptions, and gifting capabilities to hundreds of retailers and connected partners across more than 80,000 connected stores globally.

Eagle Eye AIR's innovative solutions enable retailers to achieve exceptional customer engagement, drive sales growth, and foster brand loyalty.


How it works

Eagle Eye AIR sits at the heart of our customers’ ecosystems. Via API, it seamlessly connects to every point of sale - both in-store and online - in real-time, providing the flexibility to personalize marketing to our customer’s customers at serious scale. Currently, the platform is executing over 850 million personalized offers every week to individuals all over the world.



Introducing the “Three Layer Cake”
for delivering personalized customer experiences.

We see the digital retail experience as covering three layers of functionality:

Three-layer cake

Eagle Eye AIR sits within the Transaction Layer acting as the engine room of a retailer’s personalized marketing ecosystem. It operates at 1000s of transactions per second, connecting with in-store and online channels in real-time, offering the ability to execute the 100s of millions of offer permutations across the retailer’s entire customer base that advanced analytics and AI within the data layer has provided.

Fully hosted within Google Cloud Platform and utilizing many cloud-native technologies under the hood, AIR operates at an unmatched scale to bring all three layers together, enabling leading retailers to fulfill the ambition of real-time personalization.

Loyalty ecosystem


Seamless Integrations

We’ve spent years developing the best "plug & play" solution on the market. Our API-first solution enables seamless integration with partners across the entire marketing ecosystem. Our robust API infrastructure enables us to connect effortlessly with any business, empowering our clients to unlock endless possibilities for collaboration, innovation, and growth.

Eagle Eye integrations

Why AIR is the Enterprise platform of choice


We think this sets us apart from other loyalty providers, our solution is built for omnichannel. This means your customers are met with a consistent and tailored experience, irrespective of the channel they’re in —be it a brick-and-mortar store, mobile application or website. This is proven to drive long-term loyalty and boost your bottom line.



One of our founding beliefs when building our platform at the start was that everything should be real-time, all the time. Personalized customer experiences work best when everything is instantly up-to-date. Match that with our blazing-fast response times, your customers won't even know we exist, like it should be. Our average API response time is less than 150ms - quicker than a Google search for comparison! We also understand that sometimes things have to be done with an exported file, and we can cater for those use cases too.

Time icon

Cloud Native

Hosted on the market-leading Google Cloud Platform, we have built our platform utilising the best cloud-based technology to ensure we can deliver maximum stability, security, flexibility & scalability, allowing you to execute your customer engagement strategy day-in-day-out, without worrying about any of the nuts and bolts.

Cloud Native


Our API-first approach enables a seamless integration with all your existing back-end systems, and with any partner or third-party system. Our flexible API layer is designed for innovation, helping futureproof your business and enhances customer experiences across multiple channels whilst capturing real-time valuable data insights with just a few lines of code!


The Tech

Our technology approach is governed by what we call, the 5 S's. Focusing on these enables us to deliver a service that we're proud of:

Eagle Eye AIR delivers three core capabilities

The most scalable loyalty and promotions platform in the world, operating at lightning speed


Average API response time


API requests
handled per day


Transactions processed
per minute


Active loyalty members


Loyalty transactions
per day


Loyalty points
earned per day


Personalized promotions
created per day


Connected stores

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