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Interim Report for FY24

Eagle Eye Interim Report 2024

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Maximise revenue and loyalty: unlock ongoing engagement through subscriptions

Our solution provides the capability to create a tailored subscription plan in a few clicks, offering your subscribers any combination of access to products, services, promotions, and partner incentives that you wish to deploy.

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It could be unlimited free next-day delivery, coffee-related or a paid-for proposition in your wider loyalty programme, which unlocks a host of benefits for subscribers.

Regardless of the scheme, we provide the ability for businesses to easily manage their subscription members, to recognise them whenever and wherever they interact with the business, and to ensure that they receive all the associated entitlements with their plan in accordance with the defined plan rules.

"Working with Eagle Eye has helped us accelerate our customer loyalty strategy."
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Ciara Chellun
Global Head of Digital Product

Benefits of a subscription programme

Pound sterling recurring

Recurring Revenue Stream

New, consistent and predictable revenue stream with the opportunity to drive additional revenues from existing customers through upsell and cross-sell

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Customer Data Acquisition

Capture valuable customer data and use this to deepen customer understanding in order to make better, data-driven decisions

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Digitally Connected Customers

Real-time digital connection to enable you to communicate with customers, driving the behaviour you seek

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Future-proofed Architecture

Ability to scale and deploy new digital services using the same connection to deliver against your strategy


It's important to get subscriptions right and to do that, you need a compelling and transparent value proposition that meets the needs of your customers. Both in terms of ensuring it’s a frictionless experience and in choosing the right entitlements for your customers.

The experience needs to be:

  • Omnichannel – Customers can engage with the subscription through any channel
  • Convenient – Quickly and easily access their entitlements
  • Real-time – Customers can redeem their entitlements immediately after signing up
  • Choice – Customers can choose how to engage with the scheme, including length of subscription, payment plan, choice of benefits, etc.
  • Secure – The ongoing payments must be secure

Entitlements could include

Access to added value services (e.g. free delivery)

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Access to 'unlimited' products (e.g. coffee)

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Accelerated points earn for subscribers

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Exclusive customer service support

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Access to subscriber-only content & promotions

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Free gifts

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Always-on discounts on defined products (e.g. 10% off)

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Partner benefits

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