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Interim Report for FY24

Eagle Eye Interim Report 2024

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Unlock Joyful Moments: Gifting and Top-Ups, Simplified.

Tailored for retail & hospitality, our suite of tools empowers seamless set up and management of any stored value programme, across every channel and at scale.

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Gifting & Top-Up.

Two use cases supporting the same goals:

Loyalty and retention icon

Enhanced Loyalty and Retention

By encouraging customers to accumulate and use a specific currency within your ecosystem, you create a stronger tie to your brand. This fosters loyalty and incentivises customers to return to your business to redeem their accrued value.

Loyalty ledger icon

Boost Revenue

Gift card sales bring in immediate revenue, and top-up schemes encourage customers to spend more and in both cases, often increasing the average transaction value.

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Predictable Revenue Streams

When customers accumulate your currency, they are more likely to spend it within your ecosystem, providing a level of predictability in terms of future sales or redemptions.

Data Insights and Personalisation

Data Insights and Personalization

Both schemes generate valuable data on customer spending habits and preferences, enabling future targeted marketing campaigns and a move towards personalization.


Our omnichannel gifting solution lets retailers create and manage any digital or physical gift card programmes that can be up and running in weeks.

Fully integrated to the POS, our gifting capabilities ensure the seamless and secure redemption of stored value in real-time.

Delivering +2m unique gifts per year worth +£100m

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Gain complete visibility into your gift programme performance with real-time issuance and redemption tracking. This level of transparency gives a clear view of your current liability whilst the real-time validation and burning element eliminates fraud.

Integrated audience and gift sales network

We can provide the full end-to-end gifting solution thanks to our robust ecosystem of integrations.

End-to-end gift platform


Benefits of our solution

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One platform to manage all your gifting services 

Time icon

Quick and easy to implement

Till/cash register with receipt

Real-time, omnichannel POS connection

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Safe, secure and fraud free

Analytics icon

User-friendly interface and transparent ROI reporting


Our Top-Up solution can be used to take loyalty programmes to new heights, allowing retailers to offer customers the flexibility to boost their loyalty accounts with ease. Picture this: customers effortlessly adding value to their loyalty currency, transforming it into a seamless payment method for future purchases, engaging and transacting with your brand. Repeat.

There's a reason industry giants are using this tactic; Starbucks, 7-Eleven, IKEA, Dunkin Donuts, Sephora, Liberty London, Tim Hortons—the list goes on. It's all about convenience, flexibility, and control for their customers. Instant access to rewards and benefits elevates the customer experience, driving engagement and fostering unwavering loyalty.

For retailers, it's a game-changer. More engaged customers mean richer data insights, allowing for better personalization and targeted marketing strategies.

Our Top-Up solution offers the flexibility of manual or automated top-ups. Customers can choose to add value at their convenience, or our system can seamlessly handle it for them—creating a hassle-free experience for both you and your customers.

Here is how Liberty London use Top-up to delight customers and guarantee recurring revenue.


Liberty Beauty Drop


Liberty Beauty Drop

How it works

Customers sign up to the ‘Beauty Drop’ by committing to top-up £20 into their account each month, payment is taken automatically

Every penny topped up is available for the customer to spend anytime, on any channel and is stored in the customers’ digital wallet.

As an additional reward, customers receive four Discovery Boxes a year (worth over £300), as well as access to members-only offers, rewards and events.

Liberty Benefits

  • Creates a new recurring revenue stream
  • Consolidated customers’ spend into Liberty
  • Customers will often spend more than the value of the top-up
  • Able to utilise supplier partnerships to maximise value to customers at no cost

Customer Benefits

  • It can help them save up for that special high value purchase that might seem unaffordable in one hit
  • The monthly top-up banked is 100% redeemable credit to spend anytime, meaning they get access to the other benefits for free

Elevate your loyalty programme, supercharge engagement, and watch your revenue streams soar.

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Q4 2022


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