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Interim Report for FY24

Eagle Eye Interim Report 2024

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Culture & Values

Eat. Sleep. PURPLE. Repeat.

We believe that how we do things is as important as what we do. So we obsess about our culture as much as we obsess about our products and services.

Our culture is what makes us special, and is in large part made up by our six values which are lived, breathed and celebrated on a daily basis throughout our organisation. When someone embodies all of our values, we call them Purple.

And we don’t just believe in our values, we live by them and recruit, reward and review people based on their Purpleness. We even have a team of Values Champions based all over the world who work to share and celebrate stories of our Purple spirit in action across our entire organisation via a dedicated #Purple-Values slack channel! So, what are they?

Integrity - Earning trust

If you want to earn trust you need to act with integrity. Integrity always feels like a massive thing, but actually, it’s quite simple – say what you think and do what you say. As a team, we strive to always live up to our promises and we don’t promise anything we can’t deliver.

Integrity rock

Excellence - Maintaining trust, building loyalty

Trust, once earned, should never be taken for granted. As a result, we constantly focus on excellence – each of us doing our best work, day after day to build loyalty and keep our relationships strong. This is what we call The Purple Standard.

Excellence tick

Innovation - Keeping things fresh

Technology and customer expectations change so rapidly that just keeping up with ‘ordinary’ requires a lot of energy and attention – let alone trying to stay ahead. That’s why we’re always challenging the status quo, using our collective intelligence, creativity and experience to solve problems and develop solutions that deliver value for our customers.

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Passion - Enjoying the ride

We believe that it’s possible to do great work, delight customers, support communities around us, meet, or even exceed our financial targets, and have an amazing time on the way. Eagle Eye people bring with them high energy, enthusiasm, a can-do attitude, and a deep commitment to our Purple ways of working.


Teamwork - Passing the Purple on

Although we celebrate what individuals bring – we have many Purple heroes at Eagle Eye – we firmly believe that it’s only possible to win as a team. The problems our customers are dealing with aren’t simple. They’re complex and multi-dimensional and we’ve learnt that the only way to solve them is by bringing our skills together, and by always focusing on developing the next generation of Purple.

All purple team

Kindness - Bonding us together

At Eagle Eye, kindness is part of our DNA. But don’t think that being kind to each other doesn’t mean we can’t be fiercely competitive and ambitious. We are often found debating passionately, but hopefully kindly, the best way to move forward – this energy is all part of what it means to be Purple.

Last rolo

One of the ways we demonstrate kindness as a team is through our partnerships with the amazing charity 52 Lives, which you can read more about here.