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Interim Report for FY24

Eagle Eye Interim Report 2024

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One platform to deliver any promotional offer type across any channel.

Choose from 100s of offers available out-the-box or create your own to drive the specific customer behaviors you seek. Our API-first, cloud-native platform gives you the ability to execute unlimited offers – whether mass, segmented, or personalized - in real-time.

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We are currently issuing +750m personalized offers per week for some of the world's largest retailers

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Core Capabilities

The features making omnichannel promotions possible:

Customer Wallet

Our underpinning technology provides the flexible and scalable data model which enables omnichannel personalization. All customer data, identities, and valuables (e.g. promotions, entitlements, etc.) are stored in the customer’s unique wallet, delivering a real-time single customer view across every touchpoint.

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Promotions Master

The ability to create and manage all promotions via API or in our Dashboard. Promotions can be open (available to all), segmented (available to a group of customers) or targeted (personalised to a specific consumer).


Promotion Personalization

Provides the ability to take a standard offer construct (e.g. 10% off when you buy brand A) and personalize the pre-set values to each customer (e.g. 5% off when Customer X buys brand A, 20% off for Customer Y), giving you the greatest impact and ROI on your promotion spend.

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Omnichannel Issuance

Simple integration into your wider tech stack to allow promotions to be issued on any channel.


Real-time Redemption

Simple integration to every point-of-sale to enable the secure validation and redemption of promotions in real-time.

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Customer Care

A simple dashboard to manage customer-related queries, facilitating goodwill where required.

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Promotion Reporting

Provides full traceability of campaign and promotion performance with real-time reporting to help you optimise campaigns.

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Constraints of POS vendors

Tills are not designed to be marketing execution platforms. That’s why we let the till do what it’s supposed to – ensure payment for goods takes place - whilst we take care of helping you deliver a seamless personalized customer experience.

Here are some of the typical constraints you may have experienced with a POS vendor when it comes to executing offers, and how Eagle Eye can resolve them:

Unable to scale to deliver personalization

You can execute any promotional offer type at an unlimited scale. We currently issue +750m personalized offers to customers all over the world, every week.

Your POS is independent of your wider MarTech stack

Get access to our plug & play, API-first platform that is pre-integrated to the wider ecosystem. We understand your world.

Focused on the in-store experience

Enables a seamless omnichannel customer experience, integrated to every touchpoint in real-time.

Executing promotions and other marketing tactics are a secondary focus

This is all we do. It’s our core product, built over +13 years that is tried and tested by leading retailers globally.

Slow & costly to maintain and change

We deliver new features to our modular platform every 2 weeks and are dedicated to building the future of marketing with our customers.

The Tech

Our cloud-native, API-first, composable architecture enables us to deliver the best-in-class performance in the areas most important to our customers – we call these the 5 S's.

Frequently asked questions

"There’s a mega trend going on globally right now and it’s primarily enabled through capabilities like Eagle Eye"
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Brad Banducci
Woolworths Group CEO

Here are just some of the offer types made possible with our flexible solution.

Example: Quest Campaigns


Set missions for customers to complete across one or multiple transactions.


Increase engagement by gamifying the shopping journey whilst incentivising increases in spend and/or frequency across specific products or categories. It can also be used to unlock additional supplier funding.

Hudson's Bay Rewards Quest Campaigns


Example: Continuity Trips


Offer customers bonus points or deeper discounts if they shop more frequently.


Give customers a reason to shop with you more frequently over a set time-period.

ASDA Rewards - Continuity Trips example


Example: Supplier Funded Offers


Offer customers discounts or rewards on specific branded products.


Collaborate with suppliers to provide customers with more value on products they love.

Southeastern Grocers (SEG) Supplier funded offers example


Example: Segmented Offers


Create one-off or regular promotions which are tailored to the unique needs and/or preferences of specific consumer groups.


Use these to incentivise new sign-ups to the program, to drive footfall at specific times and to engender loyalty from key customer segments.

Shoppers Drug Mart - Segmented offers example


Electric rain

Plug and Play

We are partner agnostic which means that we will integrate with anyone you need us to (POS systems, ecommerce platforms, apps, marketing automation tools, CRM systems, Wi-Fi providers etc.) to enable you to deliver your desired strategy.

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