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Interim Report for FY24

Eagle Eye Interim Report 2024

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Stay up to date with the Eagle Eye blog, covering the most important topics within the customer loyalty and digital promotions landscape.


Rising commodity prices. Crisis and rising commodity prices concept. recession Inflation. The price graph of consumer goods increases.

2 min read

Leveraging Loyalty and Promotions in Response to the Cost-of-living Crisis

Navigating the Retail Landscape Amidst Economic Challenges In the challenging landscape that grocery retailers currently navigate, with soaring...

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Retail and technology

3 min read

How to use Customer Data to Boost Sales and Enhance Shopping Experiences

In today's retail landscape, data reigns supreme. It's not just about what you sell but who you sell it to. One of the most critical lessons I've...

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Woman with smartphone in store grocery shopping

2 min read

Understanding the Rise of the Digital Coupon in Grocery

We are all aware of how much COVID-19 has changed the landscape for businesses globally. While some have been shuttered for months, others have had...

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