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Interim Report for FY24

Eagle Eye Interim Report 2024

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Billy McLintock

With years of Product Marketing experience in the loyalty space, he stands not only as a passionate advocate for the field but as a dedicated expert, guiding retailers to master the intricate art of 1-2-1 marketing. He brings to the table not only a profound understanding of the challenges but also a comprehensive grasp of the requisite technology needed to overcome these obstacles, as well as the transformative benefits awaiting those who get it right.

Cheat code Loyalty Schemes

4 min read

Loyalty Schemes - a Cheat Code in the New Value Equation

Our recent survey found that 69% of consumers view 'value' as the most important factor when choosing a brand. But we all know by now that value can mean very different things to different people. So in this blog, I wanted to dig a bit deeper into...

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Hourglass with violet sand measuring time against white background

2 min read

Leveraging Points Expiry Rules in Your Loyalty Strategy

Introduction A key decision that businesses have to make when they decide to launch a loyalty program is how they will manage the rules around...

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Universal voucher codes

2 min read

Driving Your Ecommerce Strategy with Universal Coupons

We talk a lot about personalization at Eagle Eye, but there are still some instances where businesses need to put "big bang" marketing messages out...

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Loyalty on smart phone app

2 min read

Rewarding Loyalty, Not Just Spend

Rethinking Loyalty: Beyond Transactional Relationships You wouldn't want to have a personal relationship with someone who asked you for money every...

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International Loyalty Awards 2024

1 min read

Vote for Our Loyalty Innovations in the International Loyalty Awards!

Awards season is well and truly here, a great time to celebrate the achievements of both our employees and customers who have spearheaded innovation...

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Background of numbers. from zero to nine.

2 min read

Less magic, more points – Eagle Eye's Product Team delivers again.

Ah, points – the heartbeat of most loyalty schemes. Earn them, burn them, save them, boost them, donate them, gift them, argue who gets them in a...

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Rising commodity prices. Crisis and rising commodity prices concept. recession Inflation. The price graph of consumer goods increases.

2 min read

Leveraging Loyalty and Promotions in Response to the Cost-of-living Crisis

Navigating the Retail Landscape Amidst Economic Challenges In the challenging landscape that grocery retailers currently navigate, with soaring...

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