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Interim Report for FY24

Eagle Eye Interim Report 2024

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AI & Personalization: A Series

AI & Personalization: A Series

If you’re even a casual observer of the retail industry, you know that AI is the hot topic of the moment. And for good reason. Artificial intelligence applications have the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our businesses, from supply chains to physical and digital store operations to marketing. This is why retailers are making significant investments in this technology and why AI adoption in retail is projected to reach 80% in the next few years.

But the aspect of AI we’re most interested in here at Eagle Eye is how it can impact personalization. For a long time, we’ve said that the ‘holy grail’ of retail marketing is true one-to-one engagement, and with AI, that grail is finally within our reach.

This was the impetus for three initiatives we’ve recently undertaken at Eagle Eye: launching EagleAI, our own AI-powered data science solution built specifically for the grocery and retail sectors; bringing Untie Nots, a Paris-based SaaS company specializing in AI-driven gamification and promotions, into the Eagle Eye group; and appointing data science expert Jean-Matthieu Schertzer as our first Chief AI Officer.

We also wanted to explore the relationship between AI and personalization in a retail setting through a series of in-depth articles and eBooks, of which this is the first.

Next-Gen Personalization, Driven by AI

In our 2023 report, Grocery’s Great Loyalty Opportunity, we found that 60% of shoppers worldwide believe it is “extremely” or “very” important to receive offers from a store or brand that are personalized to their needs. At the same time, 53% of retailers we surveyed said that the ability to match the right offer to the right customer – in other words, personalize them – would make their promotional strategies more effective.

AI applications can help retailers meet consumer demand for personalized offers and deliver them efficiently at scale. But when will this technology be ready for implementation, and how will retailers make it fit alongside their current strategies and processes? Are any retailers already leveraging AI for personalization or promotions, and is it delivering results? And what does a comprehensive AI solution designed for retail look like, and what benefit would retailers derive from utilizing it?

These are the questions our experts endeavor to answer in this series.

Meet the Experts

Jean-Matthieu Schertzer, Eagle Eye’s Chief Artificial Intelligence (AI) Officer.

The first Chief AI Officer appointed within the Eagle Eye Group is dedicated to helping retailers and brands create hyper-personalised omnichannel experiences and direct, one-to-one connections with their customers. An alumnus of the Ecole Polytechnique, one of France's and Europe's most prestigious scientific schools, Jean-Matthieu's background includes applied mathematics, research engineering, general R&D, and data science. Before becoming the Eagle Eye group’s first CAIO, he was in executive leadership at Untie Nots. He also served as the Senior Data Scientist at, a data science manager and consultant at Quantmetry, and a research engineer at the Université de Liège.

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Jean-Matthieu SCHERTZER

Zyed Jamoussi, Co-Founder and President of Untie Nots, part of the Eagle Eye Group.

Zyed founded Untie Nots in Paris nearly a decade ago to help retailers modernize their approach to loyalty and promotions. In the process, he built a SaaS business that serves almost 60% of the French grocery market and provides AI-powered personalised challenges for the leading retailers in the region, including Auchan, Carrefour and E.Leclerc. Before his leadership of Untie Nots, an Eagle Eye company since January 2023, Zyed spent seven years in senior roles at emnos, part of the American Express Group and a leading provider of automated, data-driven solutions for retail category management and assortment planning. He was also a customer insights and business analysis manager at Groupe Rocher.

Zyed Jamoussi

Insights in this Series

Jean-Matthieu and Zyed tackle five critical topics in this series, each crafted to help retailers better understand the relationship between AI and personalization, how AI can be applied to retail challenges, and what impact retailers can expect on performance and revenue. These topics include:

AI, Personalization and the Future of Retail

We hope this series of articles aids in your understanding of AI in the retail industry – its current state, where it's going, and how your business can benefit from it.

We’re sincerely optimistic about the impact AI can have on our industry, specifically regarding the ability to deliver personalization at scale and achieve the true one-to-one engagement that retailers have long sought. This is why Eagle Eye has made our investments and enlisted minds like Jean-Matthieu and Zyed to spearhead the next generation of AI-powered customer marketing solutions.

AI may not be the magic bullet that the current hype suggests. But it will revolutionize our industry - and soon. Be sure to download the first eBook, AI and the Current State of Retail Marketing, to stay informed on how this impactful technology is reshaping retail and customer engagement.

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