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Interim Report for FY24

Eagle Eye Interim Report 2024

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From generative AI to predictive AI - how retailers can reach the next level of personalization

How Predictive AI is Transforming the Retail Industry [MartechView]

The article "How Predictive AI is Transforming the Retail Industry" explores the transformative impact of predictive AI on retail. While McKinsey marked 2023 as generative AI's breakout year, 2024 is set to spotlight predictive AI. This technology...

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AI technology in everyday life

Navigating the Future: 3 Critical Predictive AI Challenges Retailers Can Overcome in 2024 [TotalRetail]

Artificial intelligence (AI) integration is revolutionizing retail, with 80% of retailers expected to adopt AI within three years. While generative...

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5 ways digital collaboration improves workflow

Loyalty, Data and Following 'The Golden Rule' to Drive Business Success [Women Love Tech]

In the hustle and bustle of the business world, the concept of success often seems intricate, but what if the key lies in something as elemental as...

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Staples store in Studio City, Ca.

[Retail Dive] Staples revamps loyalty program

Staples new loyalty program, Easy Rewards, makes it easy for customers to earn and redeem points in stores, online at and in the Staples...

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The omnichannel opportunity: A path to seamless experiences [MarTech]

Discover the transformative power of omnichannel marketing in delivering cohesive brand experiences. Explore practical tactics and insights to...

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Eagle Eye Announces New Partnership with commercetools to Help Retailers Deliver Enhanced Personalization

London, January 2024 – Eagle Eye, the leading SaaS business that executes loyalty, personalized promotions, and omnichannel marketing solutions for...

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Illustration of people with likes and shares for social media

19 Ways To Create A Community Around Your Brand [Forbes]

Eagle Eye’s Sarah Jarvis was featured in a recent Forbes Expert Panel article, "19 Ways to Create a Community Around Your Brand." In it, Sarah and...

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Young woman shopping online

Creating Engaging Loyalty In 2024 And Beyond [Forbes]

In her latest blog post for Forbes Communications Council, industry expert Sarah Jarvis explores the nuanced landscape of loyalty strategies in the...

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Eagle Eye Unveils EagleAI, an AI-Powered Data Science Solution Designed for Retail

[London], January 11, 2024 – Eagle Eye, the leading SaaS business that executes loyalty, personalized promotions, and omnichannel marketing solutions...

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Eagle Eye CEO Tim Mason: Loyalty programs gain value when customers are treated like royalty

Loyalty Programs Gain Value When Customers Are Treated like Royalty

Loyalty programs in any industry can make or break a brand's reputation. From the way a company manages personal data to how it markets to recurring...

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