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Annual Report for FY23

Eagle Eye Annual Report FY23

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Retail Sector

This Will Be an Omnichannel Christmas [Retail Sector]

A recent report by Adobe predicted an increase in 2023 holiday spending across the UK despite persistently high costs across all consumer categories. In a discussion with Corina Duma for Retail Sector, Eagle Eye CEO Tim Mason talks about his retail...

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Loyalty Making the Most of Relationships

Talking to Tim Mason [Loyalty Magazine]

Data is the new oil and its role in delivering personalized shopping experiences is indisputable. Yet many retailers are failing to take full...

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Street Fight magazine

Applying the Golden Rule to Omnichannel Retail Marketing [Street Fight]

The retail industry is experiencing an unprecedented period of upheaval; according to Forrester, 60% of all retail sales are now digitally...

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Retail TouchPoints

Stores Should Become a 'Digital Mosaic of Attraction' [Retail TouchPoints]

Brick-and-mortar stores still account for 80% of all transactions in retail, but Sarah Jarvis, Eagle Eye’s Communications and Propositions Director...

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Happy diverse office workers team laughing together at group meeting

19 Clever Ways To Showcase A Company’s Culture And Employee Experience [Forbes]

In today's competitive talent landscape, fostering a vibrant company culture and prioritizing employee experience are paramount for attracting and...

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Customer Think

Is Your Approach to the Three 'I's' Outdated? [CustomerThink]

The "Three I's" - interest, intent, and in-basket - remain at the crux of successful retail today. But Joel Percy, Eagle Eye’s North American...

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The MarTech Weekly

An Apology for Omnichannel [The Martech Weekly]

Omnichannel experiences are essential in retail but rarely implemented correctly. Join recent convert Juan Mendoza, Editor of The Martech Weekly...

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Eagle Eye recognised in Gartner Market Guide for Loyalty Program Vendors

Eagle Eye is delighted to announce our recognition as a Representative Loyalty Program Vendor in the 2023 Gartner Market Guide for Loyalty Program...

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Canadian Grocer

The New Rules of Engagement [Canadian Grocer]

Every leader in the grocery sector must stay informed about sector trends and changing shopper habits. The customer loyalty metric is one such hotly...

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Food Institute - Gamification

Game On: Gamification Rewards Grocers Who Think Outside the Box [The Food Institute]

In Bryan Wassel's article for The Food Institute, he engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Cedric Chereau, co-founder and managing director...

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