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Interim Report for FY24

Eagle Eye Interim Report 2024

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Tesco supermarket sign atop a store exterior

Tesco selects Eagle Eye to power Clubcard Challenges

Eagle Eye, a leading SaaS company that creates digital customer connections enabling personalised, real-time marketing, is pleased to announce it has secured a one-year contract, with the option to renew for a further year, with Tesco Stores Ltd,...

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Trending Soon: Solving Customers' Needs and Creating Personalized Shopping Experiences is the Future of Retail [MarketScale]

Enhancing customer loyalty and boosting sales in retail hinges on delivering easy and personalized shopping experiences. In a recent Experts Talk...

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Implementation of Digital Strategies is Helping Smaller Retailers Finally Compete Against Big Box Stores [MarketScale]

Smaller and mid-sized retailers are now effectively competing with larger counterparts by adopting digital strategies that enhance customer value and...

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Revolutionize Customer Engagement Through Digital Augmentations in Physical Retail [MarketScale]

Big-box retailers are revolutionizing in-store shopping by integrating digital technologies like virtual fitting rooms, interactive displays, and...

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From generative AI to predictive AI - how retailers can reach the next level of personalization

How Predictive AI is Transforming the Retail Industry [MartechView]

The article "How Predictive AI is Transforming the Retail Industry" explores the transformative impact of predictive AI on retail. While McKinsey...

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Experts Talk article

Unique In-Store Experiences Are Driving a Brick-And-Mortar Retail Resurgence [Experts Talk]

Brick-and-mortar stores are experiencing a resurgence as big-box retailers recognize the value of unique in-store experiences. Retail giants like...

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AI technology in everyday life

Navigating the Future: 3 Critical Predictive AI Challenges Retailers Can Overcome in 2024 [TotalRetail]

Artificial intelligence (AI) integration is revolutionizing retail, with 80% of retailers expected to adopt AI within three years. While generative...

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Wendy's Launches AI-Driven Loyalty Platform to Deliver Customized Rewards [PYMNTS]

Wendy's has introduced an AI-driven loyalty platform that customizes rewards based on customer data, enhancing engagement and brand loyalty. This...

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5 ways digital collaboration improves workflow

Loyalty, Data and Following 'The Golden Rule' to Drive Business Success [Women Love Tech]

In the hustle and bustle of the business world, the concept of success often seems intricate, but what if the key lies in something as elemental as...

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Shopping cart down an aisle at a grocery store

The Future of Retail, Part 2 - Tomorrow's Tech [The Food Institute]

The future of retail is set to be revolutionized by advanced technologies, including AI-driven smart devices, self-checkout evolution, and smart...

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