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Interim Report for FY24

Eagle Eye Interim Report 2024

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Steve Rothwell

First and foremost, I am an engineer who loves to understand people’s problems and solve them with technology. That’s why I founded Eagle Eye, and I am able to do this every day, working with grocers, restaurants, retail, and hospitality – helping them communicate with their customers in a smarter way and to grow their businesses. As a young graduate learning to develop software for early mobile phones, I saw someone purchase a phone and that phone had some lines of code I had written in it. My heart jumped, and I felt truly proud. Ever since then my "why" has been clear to me, building experiences with technology that I can see people use, whether I am a small part of that journey through little bits of advice or a big bit with the companies I have founded the pride I feel never diminishes. I have been lucky enough to start two successful businesses, one of which I floated on the London Stock Market and has grown to £100m market cap.